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mellie came over today too board to write much else


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No School :)

today was really fun my mom and dad where at work but i could still have a friend over. of course i chose… Melissa. when she got here we where on the internet for a while looking at  guitar chords then we went swimming in the pond it was FREEZING!!! when we got there and relized that it was cold we went home to run through the  sprinkler. after we had yummy smoothier with my sister and her friend Conner. all in all this was a super fun day.


P.S. i had to read more ann frank wow who new a book could really be that boring. 

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Seren And Me

this is one day before Seren left for Texas. she came over and we went to the public pool and had a lot of fun. then we came home and dominated dogopoly.  then we went down to the dried up pond and tried to catch as many frogs as we could the next day she left and it was sad.

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