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white christmas

well christmas is done and over but suprisinly it is hot today i was hopping for a white x-mas well that clearly wont happen im soo happy i  got a huge new bed for christmas and molly wont stop talking about how she got a gunni pig well seren is coming on the 17th and 16 th thats my x-mas update


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It Snowed!!!!!

well the snow gods where smileing on us. i woke up and my ranch was so white
it hurt my eyes to stare. school was canceled because of the snow which sucked
because i was going to see my favorite play,miracle on 31st street, as a field
trip. so much for that.my parents could not go to work because we did not have access
to a 4 wheel drive car, or maybe they do not want to go either way they did not

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