yah mellie came over today

mellie came over today too board to write much else


No School :)

today was really fun my mom and dad where at work but i could still have a friend over. of course i chose… Melissa. when she got here we where on the internet for a while looking at  guitar chords then we went swimming in the pond it was FREEZING!!! when we got there and relized that it was cold we went home to run through the  sprinkler. after we had yummy smoothier with my sister and her friend Conner. all in all this was a super fun day.


P.S. i had to read more ann frank wow who new a book could really be that boring. 

Seren And Me

this is one day before Seren left for Texas. she came over and we went to the public pool and had a lot of fun. then we came home and dominated dogopoly.  then we went down to the dried up pond and tried to catch as many frogs as we could the next day she left and it was sad.



  • FRED




yes well i had to have a “student teacher parent confrencse” and  it wasn’t the funnest of things. well did i really have to say that of course i did not have too we all know that i don’t necessarily love math i love history  and english was math on that list let me cheak ……….   NO IT WAS NOT. well there was a upside to this and that was if i get my grade up to a B or a A i get chickens!!!!!!! yes A=8 chickens and B= 6 chickens i dont know what im gonna name them but like all upsides there are downsides. I have to build the coop sadly but it’ll be fun i am going to paint it all crazy colors and add a painting of a chicken that i made well im gonna make a better one in art. i am also exited to have chickens in general because now we wont have to buy eggs OUR VERY OWN CHICKENS WILL!!! so ya as you can see im preety wound up about that:)

a baby chicken

aww look how cute this little guy is:).

so back to the coop thing i am only bummed about one thing………ME MYSELF AND I HAVE TO MAKE IT!!!!  but im shure ill have fun in the end.


YES I KNEW IT THE SAINTS WON!!!. its always nice to root for the underdog. well guess what UNDERDOG NO MORE whoopee!!.THE SAINTS SYMBOL,ICON, WHATEVER YOU WANA CALL IT.


life took a turn for the worse at its best:(